Meet Our All New

Living Wall Planter!

The new modular design features a hard vented shell, a sturdy shape and is equipped with a self-watering tank--all designed to make planting easier!

Living Wall Planter
Height = 33cm
Width = 46cm
Diameter = 21cm
Soil Volume = 14-Litre

Colours Available

Only $39.95

(plus freight)


Eco Friendly

Instantly create a lovely living wall or vertical garden indoors or out in minutes! The new Living Wall Planters are easy to hang. No tape measure or levels needed. For easy hanging, simply install and plant the Living Wall Planters by using the template guide included with the planter.


Patented Vented Shell


Smart Watering

  • Self-watering tank with easy access watering holes delivers water to roots and fills reservoir.
  • Self-watering: 1.5 Litre reservoir allows roots to self-water for up to 2 weeks (depends on plants and environment).
  • Conserves water and soil nutrition.
  • Promotes live soil and organic gardening.

Simple to Hang

  • Simply attach tank, plant planter, then hang planter.
  • Hardware included. Easy fasteners that work on masonry, drywall, sheetrock, wood and metal walls and vertical surfaces.
  • Extra quick and easy plant exchange.
  • Planters may be planted and replanted wherever convenient (even off-site) and simply brought to install area and quickly hung up without disrupting other planters, tanks or drip lines.
  • May be planted and replanted while planters are hanging on wall.

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