Sage Advice: Epsom salts

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To aid germination, add a teaspoon of Epsom salt to a watering can when watering the newly sown seeds for the first time. The salt contains magnesium sulphate which activates the enzymes in the seed which break down the inbuilt food supply.

Eat your garden: Mint sauce

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Mint Sauce (for roast lamb, steamed peas, just generally..) 3/4 C mint, finely chopped 1/4 C hot water 2 tsp sugar 1/2 C white vinegar Pour boiling water over chopped mint, add sugar and vinegar, stir and serve. Makes 1 cup

Eat your garden

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The best part of growing edible plants has to be eating them! This ‘eat your garden’ series is all about showcasing your brilliant efforts. Recipes are chosen for their simplicity and ability to best represent your garden: on a plate; in a bowl; on a…

The Church: First planting day

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Want to know a secret to working in the garden on 35+ degree days? Head to the (Adelaide) Hills! Our first planting at The Church was a great success. The re-purposing of the existing bioreticulation structures (think one raised well and two covered pumps) into…

Welcome to The Productive Garden Co.

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We’re excited to announce that life with The Productive Garden Co. has officially begun! As you can imagine, we’re keen to share our skills and experience to make it easier for you to grow gardens you can eat. Keep an eye on our blog here,…